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Beauty Fire Sale


Beauty is a lot of things to me: it can be the medium for community activism, therapeutic storytelling, compassionate artmaking, and a lot more.

July, 2018

I enlisted editors across publications (NYLON, ALLURE, New Beauty, Racked, Fashionista, ELLE, and more) to donate their beauty closets for a fundraising sale open to the public. Proceeds went to RAICES Family Reunification and Bail Funds, with leftover product shipped to Dignity Not Despair, Project Caged Birds, and BAWAR, the first rape crisis center in the U.S.A. We raised over $10,000 in less than four hours. This will be a recurring event. Future pop-up sales will be in Los Angeles, London, and.....maybe your neighborhood. Want to help out on the next one?


Most Important Ugly

A photo series in collaboration with Tayler Smith, 2014

I asked a series of 15 questions to my sitter about identity and shame and anxiety and their history of makeup. If they have a lot of anxiety about gender, we explored that. If it’s about being Asian, we talked about that a lot. It was a photo essay on finding someone's root in beauty as a framework of identity. We wanted to find the roots in order to make a shell for our sitters to push through.


Other Past Projects

I've collaborated on hologram video games, on drone poetry, on roundtable discussions about race and identity, on music videos, and on documentaries.


Drone Poetry

March, 2018

Drone poetry collaboration shot in Death Valley, Nevada. Poetry by Rhiannon McGavin, Filmed by Maxwell Neely-Cohen, Styled by Arabelle Sicardi.

U.S.Gay by Sons of an Illustrius Father

May, 2017

Directed/Edited by Mars Hobrecker
Choreographed by Jerome Bwire Hair by Sean Bennett
Makeup by Slater Stanley Lighting assistance by Tayler Smith
Cast: Karmenife Paulino, Jahmal Golden, Coco Romack, Devante Hart, Third Fernandez, Arabelle Sicardi, Tyler Ford, Archie Robertson, Tara-Jo Tashna

Asians Wear Clothes on the Internet, AAWW

February, 2016

In Asians Wear Clothes on the Internet: Race, Gender, and the Work of Personal Style Blogging, Minh-Ha T. Pham examines the phenomenal rise of elite Asian diasporic bloggers who have made a career of posting photographs of themselves wearing clothes on the Internet. NYU Associate Professor Thuy Linh Tu and beauty and fashion politics blogger Arabelle Sicardi join Pham in a discussion on “Asian taste,” racialized eliteness, and the digital fashion economy.

PBS Digital Studios First Person #3: Queering Fashion

March, 2015

In the third episode of First Person, host Kristin Russo talks with fashion icons Nicolette Mason, Arabelle Sicardi, and Rae Tutera about the intersection of fashion and queer identity.

Survival: the Zine

I wrote a zine in 2014 about survival based on my archival work on Tumblr. Here it is for you to read, print, and share forever. 

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