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My name is Arabelle. I’m Taiwanese American. I’m a genderqueer writer specializing in beauty and how it is shaped by politics and technology. I've been writing about beauty, fashion, and feminism professionally since I was 15. As a teen I was a fashion blogger, as a fresh college graduate I was the youngest Beauty Editor ever appointed by a media juggernaut, and now I'm a full-time beauty writer and general weirdo. I write about beauty, but I also love to collaborate with artists, programmers, feminist activists, and selected beauty brands.

I'm represented by Marya Spence at Janklow & Nesbit.


Arabelle Sicardi is many things: a queer Taiwanese beauty icon, visionary young feminist, Tumblr’s go-to fashion philosopher, beauty oracle. Since launching her blog Fashion Pirate as a teenager, Arabelle has been furiously penning critical essays and articles that are at once fun and tough-as-nails – challenging the way readers consume and think about beauty.

Arabelle Sicardi is a Beauty Oracle - Top 100 Creatives of 2017

Arabelle doesn’t shy away from the ugliness of what beauty is, and what it can come to mean. Their essays are required reading.

Life Balms - Healthline

Before she became Buzzfeed's newly minted Beauty editor right out of college, Arabelle Sicardi quietly reigned as Tumblr's go-to fashion philosopher.

As testament to her dexterity, Sicardi comes off more like your style-savvy friend than some proselytizer. Witnessing her mine the full spectrum of beauty is an invigorating ride.

A new-generation agony aunt who writes about beauty as a tool of self-care, survival and identity.

Geniuses is a series in which The Awl interviews geniuses from all walks of life. For the third installment of Geniuses, they interviewed Arabelle Sicardi.