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Arabelle Sicardi

My work as a writer and general creative focuses on the relationship between beauty and power. I am interested in exploring the bargain between beauty and politics. I write about the beauty industry, queer identity, futurity, mythology, survival, and feminist theory. I'm a genderqueer Taiwanese American based in New York. I am also extremely a Capricorn. 


My Writing

Selected Clippings

I have written for teenVOGUE, ALLURE, them., ROOKIE, ELLE, Hazlitt, Dazed, i-D, Racked, Jezebel, Broadly, BuzzFeed, and more. I was BuzzFeed's Beauty Editor at the age of 21 before I decided to become a full-time freelancer.

Seductive Doom

June, 2018

The architecture of public baths is about statecraft as much as wellness. Water is transformative, a medium of both sacred conversion and political indoctrination, and it flows easily between both.

Examining perfume’s centuries-old holy war

Perfume, Power, and God

August, 2016

Examining perfume’s centuries-old holy war: what’s the power of smell and how is it linked to politics? And have they always been linked like so?

Beauty is Broken

December, 2015

Beauty is failing us, because gender already has. But what keeps me coming back to it is that I still think it can be recovered. I think beauty can mean more than what it was ever meant to, that it can illuminate parts of people they didn’t know they had or deserved or even wanted. 


The Year that Skincare Became a Coping Mechanism

Beauty is a tool that tends to serve those in power, and, at the same time, it fundamentally involves acts of witnessing the body, helping it to endure its conditions.